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Ever Skin Care

Ever Skin Care Tips #1:

Facial exercise tones up the facial muscle making it look younger.

Although, you may not be aware of it, the muscle and the skin on the face attach directly to each other, sans any tissues or ligament in between. Hence, constant smiles would lead to the development of laugh lines. Similarly, other daily facial exercises can develop furrows and lines along with sagging.

Ever Skin Care Tips #2:

Having a tan can alleviate acne problems.

Although UV light is believed to kill skin bacteria getting it straight from the sunlight may not be a safe option. While your tanned skin would hide the acne, you would expose yourself to the risks of skin cancer. So, discuss it with your dermatologist for better ways to deal with your acne problem. Doing it through sun exposure is fraught with serious danger and hence is not advisable.

Ever Skin Care Tips #3:

Washing the face with soap and water would make it acne-free.


Cleaning the face with soap and water regularly is desirable. But while it is okay to clean the dirt and make-up off your face, scrubbing it vigorously is not good. Massaging it gently with a cleanser with tiny exfoliating beads or soft tissues is the ideal way to do it. Using alpha-hydroxyl acid lotion to clean up the old cells and generate new ones is also advisable. To remove mascara, use something that is specifically meant for it.

Ever Skin Care  Tips #3:

Wrinkles can be erased with wrinkle creams.

Notwithstanding all the tall claims made by the ads, the fact of making the wrinkle lines less visible temporarily is achieved through the humectants and moisturizers that hydrate the skin. In order to have a marked improvement in the texture of the skin and erase wrinkle lines significantly, you need to go for surgical or laser treatment. Although wrinkle lines can be filled in through Restylane, the process need to do repeatedly (more then 2 times in week). Similar is the case with Botox. Now researches are being conducted to assimilate active ingredients like hyaluronic acid into nanoparticles so that they reach deep into the skin. Use of Vitamin A creams is presently the best way to deal with the problem, as it helps the collagen formation and accentuates the regeneration of cells.

Ever Skin Care Tips #5

Squeezing out the pus helps the pimple to heal it soon.

The practice of squeezing out the pus from the pimple is a smart thing to do. By squeezing out the pus, you may actually force the pus and its debris deep into the skin, thereby making it prone to inflammation and scars later. Using a comedone extractor to press and roll it over the pimple to extract the pus is a better way to do it.

Skin care Tips
Ever Skin Care

Ever Skin Care Tips #6:

Shaving the legs accentuates the growth of the hair.

Researches have confirmed this age-old belief to be wrong. Hair growth is dependent upon the environment, hormone, and age-related genetic factors. So, go for waxing, shaving or use of depilatory creams without any apprehension of any change in the texture of hair and pace of hair growth. In case of excessive hair growth, opt for laser hair removal.


Ever Skin Care Tips #7:

Healing of the wounds and prevention of scars through vitamin E ointment.

As an antioxidant, vitamin E promotes the utilization of oxygen by the body and hence may protect the skin from damage. But it is not known to prevent scarring. On the other hand, its prolonged use may lead to the development of allergy on the skin. Massaging the new scar gently to facilitate circulation and taking vitamin E rich foods like green leafy vegetables and fortified cereals may help it heal faster. Applying silicone elastomer gel to newly healed skin is a new way of preventing scarring.

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Top Ever Skin Care Tips #8:

Eating junk foods may lead to the development of acne.

While taking a high amount of junk food is undoubtedly unhealthy, it is yet to be firmly established as a contributory factor for acne. Anxiety, use of anabolic steroid, increased levels of testosterone, use of facial creams to clog the pores and genetic history are the factors that are responsible for the development of the acne.


Ever Skin Care Tips #9:

Vitamin D is necessary. So, we should tan our skin more.

Doctors always recommend having more vitamin D. Although it is important to have enough vitamin D, having it through excessive exposure to the sun is not the proper way to do it. Getting it through adequate doses of vitamin supplements is ideal. You would find many such vitamin D and calcium supplements in the market


Ever Skin Care Tips #10:

Some skincare products are effective for the elimination of cellulite.

It is a fact that cellulite can occur both in the case of thin and obese women and it is very stubborn despite massaging and moisturizing the area. Even wearing support hose, mechanical manipulation and suctioning also do not help, apart from the lessening the appearance of cellulite in women. The dimpling is due to the fibrous bands occurring between the fat cells. Anti-oxidants like acai and active ingredients like caffeine are being used of late, but without much success. The cellulite can be camouflaged to a certain extent through the use of self-tanners.


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