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14 hair fall reason and (solution)

hair fall reason

hair fall reason.

causes of hair loss in women

reasons for hair loss

Before thinking about possible treatments that alleviate hair loss, you have to find out why it falls. Then, we will have to see how to solve this problem.
We find them in the brush, on the pillow or in our clothes: the hair comes and goes, and losing a little is completely normal. But if they are large quantities or the hair is becoming less thick, it is time to determine the causes of hair loss. We can help you.
If your hair falls out, there is no reason to be alarmed. Our hair has about 100,000 hair on average and goes through different phases in our lives. In one of these phases, approximately 15% of the hair falls and is replaced by new hair. Each hair has a limited life of between 2 and 6 months.
We only talk about hair loss when it falls more than normal. This is the case if we lose about 100 hair a day or if the mane is clearly waning.

Finding the cause of hair loss is important for treatment. The cause can be found several weeks before hair loss occurs.
We generally differentiate three types of causes of hair loss, each with its reasons:
– Hair loss due to genetic causes is the most common and affects mostly men. Here the growth phase is shorter, the hair is faster and weakens over time. Start with the entrances, with the poorest root, and then the hair on the back begins to fall out. This type of fall also affects women during menopause. However, they usually lose the hair of the crown.
– With what is known as diffuse hair loss, the hair becomes thinner and the scalp more visible, but there are no hairless pieces. There are several causes of hair loss but this type of hair loss can be stopped with the right treatment. This gallery shows you possible causes of hair l ko


hair fall reason.
causes of hair loss in women
reasons for hair loss

Some of these causes are very common:

hair fall reason
hair fall reason

1. Physical and emotional stress

The physical trauma, for example, because of an accident or illness, and emotional stress often causes hair loss. In this case, no treatment is usually necessary since in most cases it is resolved over time.

2. Postpartum

Pregnancy-related hair loss is very common after the baby is born, due to hormonal changes. It is considered normal and the hair returns to its natural form after a few months.

3. An excess of vitamins

Taking an excess of vitamin supplements can cause your hair to fall out. Excessive consumption of some, such as vitamin A, can cause some hair disorders, including hair loss.
To solve the problem, just stop taking vitamin A and the body will recover normally.

4. Lack of protein

If there’s not enough macromolecule in your diet, the body to save lots of its use reduces hair production.This usually occurs 2 to 3 months after the reduction in protein intake.
Solving this problem is as simple as including high-protein foods in your diets, such as fish, meat and eggs.

5. The genetics

The so-called androgenic alopecia (AGA) is the female manifestation of common baldness in men, which is inherited through the father’s genes. In such cases, the use of medication usually helps.


hair fall reason.
causes of hair loss in women
reasons for hair loss

hair fall reason
hair fall reason

6. The hormones

As in the case of hormones in pregnancy, changing the contraceptive pill (or stop taking it) can also cause hair loss. Hormonal changes in menopause can also have the same effect.
In such cases, it is best to talk with your gynaecologist about the best contraceptive method for you or about the specific hormonal treatments you may need.

7. Anaemia

1 in 10 women aged 20 to 50 suffers from iron deficiency anaemia. This is a common cause of hair loss and quite easy to solve. With an analytical one can detect the problem, and simply taking iron supplements will slow down the fall.

8. Hypothyroidism

When the thyroid gland is not secreting enough hormones (hypothyroidism), it can contribute to hair loss. In these cases, the doctor can perform tests to detect it and prescribe the appropriate medication.

9. Vitamin B deficiency

The problem can be solved with vitamin B supplements and dietary changes. This vitamin can be found in fish, meat, vegetables …

10. Autoimmune system

Alopecia areata could be a unhealthiness that causes circular areas of hair loss that may result in total phalacrosis.
It is usually caused by an exaggerated body autoimmune response. The immune system sees the hair as a foreign body and attacks and mistakenly destroys healthy body tissue.
Other autoimmune diseases such as lupus may also be the cause. Steroid injections are used to fix it, but the course of recovery is unpredictable.

11. Sudden weight loss

The rapid loss of weight causes physical stress, even if this weight loss has been healthy for the body. The body notices a lack of vitamins or minerals and affects hair health.
It can also be a sign of an eating disorder such as anorexia or bulimia. This type of loss usually revolves around 6 months after correcting that lack of nutrients.

12. Polycystic ovary syndrome

Polycystic ovary syndrome is an imbalance between male and female hormones. Too much male hormones can lead to ovarian cysts, weight gain, among other things, including hair loss.

13. Antidepressants and other medications

Some medications can cause hair loss. The most common are anticoagulants, but also ibuprofen and some anxiolytics. If this is your case, talk to your doctor to try to solve the problem.


14. Ageing

Over the years it is very common to notice hair loss in women between 50 and 60 years. The cause is not known, so it is not recommended to treat it medically.


hair fall reason.
causes of hair loss in women
reasons for hair loss

8 causes of hair loss in women

Now comb your hair takes less time than before?

In most cases, hair loss in girls is nearly palpable till the matter has progressed considerably: Your hair entries ar a lot of pronounced, and it stops growing in some areas.

“It is normal for the hair to fall out, the difficulty arises when there is a disproportion between the hair loss and the one that is born or when the new ones do not have the same quality as the one that has been lost: thickness, length, brightness. In addition, of every 100 hairs we have, there is always 12-15% in the replacement phase ”, as indicated by the Spanish Academy of Dermatology and Venereology.
This makes it important to know what are the factors that cause a woman to lose hair. Here Health180 reveals it to you!

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1. Pregnancy

This is a stressful or traumatic event for the body, which causes a phenomenon called telogen effluvium; that is, the woman experiences a hair loss of 3 to 6 weeks after delivery.

2. Excess of vitamin A.

This is possible if supplements of this vitamin are taken, as these can contain between 2.5 and 10 international units when the recommendation of the American Academy of Dermatology is in the 5 units. Hair loss from excess vitamin A is reversible.

hair fall reason
hair fall reason

3. Thyroid problems.

In this case, the fall is chronic and diffuse, the keratin becomes more fragile and the appearance of the hair is usually rougher and dry, as indicated by the Institut Vila-Rovira in Barcelona.

4. The environment.

Environmental pollutants within the air and water, in addition as exposure to element, metals and minerals, will result in secretion imbalances which will contribute to hair loss.

Exposure to UV rays and free radicals can also prematurely age scalp cells.

5. A poorly balanced diet.

Poor nutrition, speedy weight loss, high consumption of animal fats and deficiencies in vitamin B, iron, supermolecule or metallic element will cut back very important amino acids and also the absorption of vitamins necessary for hair growth.

6. Hormonal changes.

Estrogen (the female sex hormone) is the cause of having a beautiful and dense mane. The problem arises when estrogen levels decrease and androgen levels increase, another hormone that can cause hair loss. This is very common in menopause.

7. Anemia Approximately

one in 10 women between the ages of 20 and 49 suffer from anaemia due to an iron deficiency, which can cause hair loss.

8. Excess actions at the capillary level.

Subjecting the hair to too many treatments can weaken it. Discolourations, frequent colour changes, permanent or regular use of hair straighteners do not directly cause hair loss but can damage it and cause it to weaken and subsequently fall out, according to the specialized company Schwarzkopf.
If you experience excessive hair loss or notice obvious bald areas on your scalp, forget about home remedies ( which really do NOT work ) and consult your doctor or a dermatologist. Many of the causes of hair loss have a solution.


hair fall reason.
causes of hair loss in women
reasons for hair loss

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