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causes of ringing in left ear | Causes and treatment

causes of ringing in left ear

Do you have the right ear or the left ear whistling? This is probably tinnitus. The wheezing in the ears is characteristic of a hearing disorder sometimes caused by a sound trauma.

Having ears that whistle can be temporary or permanent, continuous or intermittent, and represent a real inconvenience in daily personal, school or professional activities.
Although it is widespread, this auditory disturbance should not be trivialized because it has a direct impact on health.causes of ringing in the left ear

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The causes of tinnitus are not yet fully known or understood, and sometimes the causes of tinnitus can not be determined. However, in many cases, perceived noises can be caused by diseases or trauma such as:

have heart disease or high blood pressure

infections of the ear or sinuses;

adverse effects of drugs;

blows received on the head;

auditory trauma such as exposure to noisy explosions or loud music;

loss of hearing

objects lodged in the ear canal or a plug of cerumen;

dental problems;

certain types of tumour.

Symptoms and Complications

By definition, tinnitus is manifested by a ringing or buzzing sound that only the subject can hear. Noise can be described in a variety of ways: humming, buzzing, ringing, whistling, clicking, whirring, or roaring. This is often the symptom of an underlying problem (see list of causes cited above).
Many tinnitus sufferers have also lost more or less hearing. In the majority of cases, it is the loss of hearing that eventually causes the problem.
The major annoyance of tinnitus is the great discomfort they cause and the loss of quality of life. A soft ringing sound may not be too awkward for most people, but some people hear loud noises for a long period of time or sounds that go away and come back as they get used to the silence again

causes of ringing in left ear.

causes of ringing in left ear
causes of ringing in left ear


If you think you have tinnitus, your doctor may refer you to a specialist ear, nose and larynx (ENT). You will probably have a hearing test (a hearing assessment) and CT (computed tomography) or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan your head to determine if the cause of the perceived noise can be detected.
However, there is no objective examination for tinnitus. The diagnosis is based on the symptoms, tinnitus history and health questionnaires, especially the impact of tinnitus on quality of life. He will ask you about your medical history, the medications you are taking and any history of head trauma. He will ask you if you are subjected to loud noises and even if you smoke. Your doctor may ask you if you are not more stressed than usual because sometimes depression or stress can induce this condition. A visit to the dentist may also be recommended to determine if you do not have a jaw problem that could contribute to this situation.

causes of ringing in left ear.

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Treatment and Prevention

The treatment of tinnitus depends mainly on their cause. Since they are more of a symptom than a disease, the treatment of the initial cause should make it possible to get rid of it or at least reduce the perceived noise. The treatment may include one of the following means:

antibiotics in case of infections;

removal of obstructions or earwax in the ear canal;

drug replacement or a change of dosage;

the treatment of certain neurological diseases;

surgery to treat joint problems;

counselling against stress and depression;

dental care.

ringing in left ear
ringing in left ear
Currently, there is no drug in North America for the treatment of spontaneous tinnitus of unknown cause. Most often, the tinnitus disappears spontaneously without treatment and only persists in about 25% of cases.
If the cause of tinnitus is not found or the situation can not be remedied, there are ways to help with this condition. The use of these means depends on the intensity and persistence of the sound, the discomfort caused and the degree of disturbance of daily life.
Some people with severe tinnitus use a technique called a mask effect. They can then wear a device, comparable to a hearing aid, that produces a soothing or pleasant sound. It masks ringing noise or disturbing buzzing. The sounds may be different for each person. For example, some people prefer to listen to the sounds of nature: birdsong, the sound of falling rain or falling water. In some cases, the masking effect may be a “training” of the brain not to listen to disturbing noises and after a while, the person may no longer need the device permanently.
ringing in left ear
ringing in left ear
Other people do not need the masking effect all the time but use the same technique to try to fall asleep, focus or rest. For this, they can use radio, cassettes, a CD player, or even appliances such as fans or air conditioners (called “white noise” this type of mask by background noise).
Sometimes tinnitus is caused by a loss of hearing. A hearing test can confirm this and determine if a hearing aid might be useful. Often the prosthesis will make more clear what one is supposed to hear and will eventually drown or hide unwanted sounds.
If you suffer from tinnitus, it is important not to expose yourself to situations that might accentuate them. This means that you should avoid noisy places and listen to music at a reasonable volume. In addition, knowing which drugs are toxic to living cells or to the ear (they are called “cytotoxic” in the first case and “ototoxic” in the second) can help reduce the risk of having tinnitus. Some doctors recommend refraining from consuming caffeine and tobacco because they can aggravate tinnitus.

causes of ringing in the left ear

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